Ear Candling / Coning

Ear Coning/Candling
Ancient therapy for a modern time. There is evidence showing that this technique was used dating back to 2500 BC. This therapy employs a High quality ear cones made of unbleached cotton cloth & a beeswax coating. Through the process called “convection” excess wax is softened ,then along with debris gently removed from the ear. Eliminating discomfort from pressure & decreased level of hearing due to build up of wax. It also improves the health of the inner ear canal without flushing. A safe alternative to tubes in many cases. A period of relaxation, aroma therapy & gentle music follows each session.
Session Length:60 min.  Investment: $45
* price covers use of 4 candles, $2 extra for ea. additional candle if required.
For scheduling and further information, call Saida Allen-Smith @ (619) 876-8011.
Thank you for participating in your health and for allowing me to assist you.
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