Live Cell Analysis with Gary Richer, B.S., M.H.
$65.00 1/2 hour appointment
(consultation includes Iridology Analysis)


Live Cell Analysis is an evaluation of theblood showing viability of the immune system, bacterial levels, fungal conditions, potential metal toxicity, liver congestion, oxygenation, cellular strength and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

A Leader in Nutrition, Gary Richer is an accomplished Iridologist, Herbalist and Live Cell Analyst. His studies in iridology began in 1982 with Dr. Bernard Jensen. After graduating from Donsbach University with a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition, he continued his studies with a Masters Course in Herbology. He specializes in Cleansing Programs, Herbal and Vitamin Support and Diet Changes. Gary's philosophy is "Given the proper nutritional environment, the body will heal itself."

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