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Have you ever gotten giddy at the scent of freshly grated cinnamon, or experienced pure bliss at the fragrance of a fresh gardenia? If so, you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years in ancient cultures for their medicinal and cosmetic benefits as well as for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties. They are aromatic oils obtained from the flowers, leaves, seeds, stems, roots, wood and bark of plants.

You can inhale them, apply topically, diffuse, incorporate into a massage, add to bathwater, or take them internally. Rich in a variety of aromatic plant compounds, it is believed that the therapeutic properties of essential oils are absorbed into the body through the skin into the bloodstream.

The earliest recorded use of the technique used to produce essential oils is believed to be that of Ibn Al-Baitar (1188-1248), an Andalusian physician, pharmacist and chemist. In 1998 Dr. Robert Pappas founded the Essential Oils University, and has compiled the largest online chemical reference database for essential oils in the world.

There is currently a resurgence in the interest and use of essential oils. They are particularly advantageous when combined with an herbal/nutritional program.

At Healing Therapies, we truly believe in the healing properties of these oils. As a consequence, we are happy to announce the addition of doTerra essential oils to our product line.

Please come in, sample some of these amazing oils and allow us to educate you. We also blend personalized custom Roll-On combinations, carry a great selection of diffusers, and offer monthly Essential Oil classes.

Experience first hand what these products can do for your health and the health of all of your loved ones, including your pets.

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