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Did you know that the average frequency of a human body is 62-72 Hz? Humans and essential oils are energetic, have a vibration, and therefore are said to have a frequency. The frequency of an essential oil will attract a like frequency in the body When this frequency falls below 62 Hz, the immune system becomes compromised. A person's health can actually be determined by that frequency. Whatever we put into our bodies also has a frequency. Fresh foods and herbs have a frequency of 20-27 Hz, dried foods and herbs 15-22, and processed foods have a frequency of 0. What a surprise! Essential oils start at 52 Hz and can go as high as 340 Hz, which is the frequency of Rose oil. Clinical research shows that therapeutic grade essential oils have the highest frequency of ANY natural substance known to man!

To read more on this amazing subject, please follow the link to and check out Bruce Tainio's blog titled "Vibrational Frequency List". It's good stuff!

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